About Us:
Surefind Kennels is located in Cranbourne Victoria. We are a family business that operates 7 days a week. 
Just 40 minutes from Melbourne and 5 minutes from the KCC park in Skye. We are within walking distance to public transport and the newly renovated Cranbourne Park Shopping Centre.

Our dog trailers are custom built and can be delivered. Please contact us with your specifications and we can quote accordingly.

We require you to visit us twice for Pet Barriers:
Visit One:
The first visit is to build the frame and the mounting points. The time required varies.
Minimum time is three hours.
Visit Two:
The second visit is the installation. Again the time varies, generally it should only take one hour.

Fit outs require a booking.
We try our best to book you in as soon as we can, but please be aware we often have waiting periods.

We are open 24/7
We are always available to answer your questions.
So please contact us.
Step 1:
We begin with a piece of Australian Steel.
Step 2:
We fold and weld the steel to custom build a barrier to fit your vehicle. We use the existing mounting points in your vehicle to secure the barrier.
Step 3:
The mesh is added to the barrier. The barrier is cleaned up and prepared to be sent to the powder coaters.
Step 4:
The barrier is now ready to be installed in your vehicle.